Collegiate Recovery Community

What’s a CRC?

A collegiate recovery community (CRC) is a supportive environment within the campus culture that reinforces the decision to disengage from addictive behavior. It is designed to provide an educational opportunity alongside recovery support to ensure that students do not have to sacrifice one for the other.


Who’s it For?

Full membership is for WFU students who are 3 months or more into their active, fully abstinent recovery from an addiction. Provisional membership is available for students who are early in recovery. Allies are welcomed and will have opportunities to collaborate and engage.


The Recovery Lounge

The lounge will serve as a hub for students in recovery at WFU:

  • A meeting space
  • A safe space to talk
  • A place to study
  • A place to relax and reflect
  • A place to have a cup of coffee
  • A place to find peers who understand


Programming & More

From support meetings to sober tailgates to recovery awareness programming to ally training to recovery-related films and speakers, the WFU CRC will seek to provide support to members and inform the WFU community about what it means to be in recovery


Connect with Us!

We’d love to hear more from you! Questions or comments? Interested in membership, events, or training?

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