Alcohol Social Norms

Fact vs. Fiction Header

Fake news. It’s everywhere.

Even on our campus. When it comes to alcohol and drug use at Wake Forest, what many students think is the norm isn’t always the case. Demon Deacons party smarter than you think. And we have the fictional memes — and the factual statistics — to show it.

The Facts

Based on the Spring 2020 National Collegiate Health Assessment (NCHA) of 884 Wake Forest students, these are the facts:

  • 21.6% of Deacs don’t drink alcohol.
  • 73.5% of Deacs don’t smoke weed (use cannabis) and more than half (51.5%) never have.
  • 96% of Deacs know that taking study drugs not prescribed to them is dangerous and doesn’t work, so they don’t do it.
  • 84% of Deacs don’t vape.
  • 82.6% of Deacs don’t drink to the point of blacking out.
  • 99% of Deacs don’t drink to the point of getting in trouble with the police.
  • 75% of Deacs don’t drink to the point of doing something they later regretted.
  • 93% of Deacs don’t drink to the point of physically injuring themselves.
  • 99% of Deacs don’t drink to the point of needing medical help.
  • 70 Deacs identify as being in recovery from alcohol or drug use. (If you need information about recovery, reach out to the WFU Collegiate Recovery Community with or @wakeforestcrc.)

The Fiction

Our party memes are all over social media, and they’re brought to you by the same nerdy oldsters who collect and study statistical data about alcohol and drug use among Wake Forest students. Our strategy is to place fiction next to fact ­— and our goal is to challenge your perception of drinking and drug use behavior on campus.